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B.C. Scribe Publications was founded in 1977 by professional Egyptologists and is dedicated to publishing books on
aspects of ancient Egypt for the general reader as well as for specialists and students.

Our most recent publication is the two volume Dictionary of Late Egyptian edited by Professor Leonard H. Lesko and Barbara S. Lesko of Brown University's Department of Egyptology. This is the 2nd expanded edition of their dictionary of the written language of the Egyptian Empire period (New Kingdom or 1350-1000 B.C.) covering over 5000 ancient Egyptian words (each of which has numerous English equivalents, a selection of original Egyptian hieroglyphic spellings, and references to the original texts in which each can be found). The Late Egyptian phase of the language is generally considered to be the colloquial Egyptian which became acceptable for literary and historical texts beginning under the reign of the reformer pharaoh Akhenaten. A large number of business, administrative, and legal texts as well as private letters and notations survive in this phase of the language, especially from the reigns of Rameses II and his successors. Up until now there have been no dictionaries specifically available to help translate the numerous Late Egyptian texts that survive.


King Tut's Wine Cellar by Leonard H. Lesko

This well illustrated booklet won an award for its design and the notice of wine makers, wine writers, and wine lovers around the world when it first appeared in 1977.
It publishes the cellar of 24 carefully labeled amphorae that were buried among the lavish treasure of Tutankhamun, the boy king whose tomb in the Valley of the Kings was the most spectacular archaeological discovery of the 20th century.

The wine jar labels and seals provide a great deal of useful information on Egyptian wine making, and this is complemented by the vivid tomb paintings illustrating the process as it was understood 3500 years ago. The author, besides being a professor of Egyptology, is a wine collector and wine maker himself.